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Written by YannG | 04 november 2014 | Classified in: News | Tags: conversion, models

Import Wolf:ET MDM/MDX Models Into Blender

Few months ago, I have successfully tried to import RTCW MDS models into Blender, but my primary goal was to import Wolf:ET MDM/MDX models into Blender.

This goal is now reached, and this is how the Allied soldier looks into Blender:

The next step is now to import back the tweaked model from Blender to Wolf:ET engine.

Note: Body player models are headless, because head models are stored separately into distinct files, Bodies and heads are combined again when engine display players.

Written by YannG | 26 october 2014 | Classified in: News | Tags: screenshot

One Building More

Here is some screenshots of another large building for the first playable map.

Inside seems a little empty actually.

Written by YannG | 07 september 2014 | Classified in: News | Tags: eye candy, screenshot

Another Tree

Here is some screenshots for another tree that can be put in maps to get more diversity of vegetation.

This is Kic's model, edited, tweaked and UV mapped by me.

I did not make the model, or even the concept of this model. All of this belong to their rightful owners, i only adapted and coded that stuff for the Wolfzone mod.

If any of the original authors have a problem, complaints or issues, please feel free to contact me and I will make the appropriate changes. Aside from that, thanks to the original authors for their awesome models. Thank you.

Written by YannG | 19 august 2014 | Classified in: News | Tags: screenshot

New Building For The First Map

Here are some screenshots of a large building made for the first playable map.

It's currently possible to freely walk around all areas of the building, all parts are reachable, but doors who can be opened, closed or locked will be added later.