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Rédigé par YannG | 26 mai 2015 | Classé dans: News | Mots clés: video

Ingame Videos Available

Tired of that bunch of screenshots? Here is a little improvement; ingame video recording.

The process to record a video is quite simple:

  • Run the game and spawn in your favorite map,
  • Type /record from ingame console to start recording a game session,
  • Play,
  • Type /stoprecord from ingame console,
  • Go back to main game menu and adjust screen resolution settings,
  • Type /demo "demoname" from the console where "demoname" is the recorded game session name you want to be replayed,
  • Type /video from ingame console to start recording,
  • Type /stopvideo from ingame console to stop recording,
  • Edit the resulting video with your favorite video editor software,
  • You're done, share video with your friends.
  • Don't forget to adjust back your screen resolution settings to play at the best...

This option is based on ioquake3 and ETLegacy code. All of this belong to their rightful owners, I only adapted and coded that stuff for the Wolfzone mod.

If any of the original authors have a problem, complaints or issues, please feel free to contact me and I will make the appropriate changes. Aside from that, thanks to the original authors for that great function. Thank you.