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Early Access Version Install On Windows

To download Wolfzone mod file archive:

Download Wolfzone mod

Remenber that Wolfzone is a mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. So, you have to install Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory before playing with Wolfzone mod.

You can download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game for free at:

Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

If you don't have software to unpack compressed files, you can use 7-Zip. 7-Zip is a powerful and open source program who can handle almost all type of compressed file formats and support advanced features. You can download it at:

Download 7-Zip

Then run file explorer and choose the folder where you want to unpack Wolfzone installation file. Create the folder if necessary, for example: C:\games.

General view example before installation

Unpack the archive into the selected folder. A Wolfzone folder will be created and all files will be contained into it except PAK0.PK3 file you have to copy from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory folder

Unpack Wolfzone archive

PAK0.PK3 must be copied to etmain folder of wolfzone folder.

Copy PAK0.PK3 archive from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory installation folder

Then create a shortcut to access the game quickly by dragging and dropping ZONE.EXE file contained in the wolfzone folder while holding down both CTRL and SHIFT keys.

Create a shortcut

Rename the shortcut

Rename shortcut

To avoid security alert each type you run the game, you can change shortcut properties. Click on the shortcut with right mouse button, then select Properties.

Shortcut properties

Select Advanced button.

Advanced properties

Set the case Run as administrator checked.

Check run as administrator

Installation is done, you can run the game.