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Rédigé par YannG | 03 février 2016 | Classé dans: News | Mots clés: early access, release

Wolfzone Early Access Version Released

The early access version of Wolfzone mod is now available.

This rewards months of hard work to make a game which begin to match what i wanted to get.

This release also represent the beginning of a new task which will take months of works too in order to append all features which i am thinking about and who, i hope, will make this mod enjoyable and entertaining to play.

Keep in mind that it's a work in progress so don't expect too much at first.

  • There is only one map at the moment.
  • A lot of weapons needs to be replaced by their contemporary equivalents.
  • There is only one style of player currently.
  • The gameplay is currently a simple stopwatch team deathmatch mode with infinite respawn (for bots and player), and objectives and missions will be added later to that game mode.
  • Bots behaviors need to be improved and it happen too often that they get stuck against a wall and they cannot release themselves, but also they show a really low strategy skill when they fight what can sometimes give a feeling of lack of challenge.
    On the other hand, if you don't react fast enough, they will blow you up in no time.

But well, enough small talk, i suppose that you can't wait to test that first version in order you can make yourself an opinion on your own, so here is the links:

To read how to make your first step in the game

The Linux version will be available in few days.

Let me know what you are thinking about.